Why Your Business Needs A Facebook Messenger Bot

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Let’s go through and explain exactly why your business needs a Facebook messenger bot. Businesses right now aren’t as simple as exchanging products & services for money. Nowadays, due to the growing demand for services and products and increased uncertainty in customer loyalty, businesses need to be even smarter to lead their organization into a profitable future.

We all know a customer is one of the most precious assets of any business or enterprise. While being online, your customers or leads may want to acquire some more information about the services or products you are providing. 

They might want to order directly through conversing with your business online. When a customer texts you, it’s never a good option to keep them waiting as that can make you lose sales and lead opportunities.

This is the reason Facebook Messenger chatbots have been introduced into the business world for some time now.

As Facebook is the most convenient platform for customers to access your business, many business owners are deploying Facebook Messenger chatbots that deal with most of their customer conversations. 

These bots can be trained to perform automation tasks and can be as smart as you want them to be.

What is a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

300,000 monthly active bots
At the F8 conference, Facebook showed that there’s 300,000 monthly active bots. Image: Mashable

Chatbots are a component of automated messaging that brings in artificially intelligent concepts to have a conversation with people.

These bots are already programmed to understand and comprehend questions asked, provide answers, and also to execute various repetitive tasks in the business.

A Facebook messenger bot is used to deal with repetitive questions and to answer the clients about their queries. And more importantly, have engaging conversations with potential customers. According to the 2018 FB conference, Facebook has 300,000 active messenger bots

Why should you use Facebook messenger bots for your business?

There are many reasons why Facebook Messenger bots are useful in businesses. They can deal with everything from responding to customer queries and also sending automated content and can also be programmed to do several other complex tasks.

The biggest advantage of having a chatbot on Facebook Messenger is that they are always ACTIVE.

Your customers need not wait for even a second to get a response from your business Facebook page. They can have a conversation with your business instantly and 24/7.

Reasons you need to get a Facebook messenger bot for your business:

1. You can improve customer support:

It’s obvious that technology is a lot cheaper than recruiting staff when it comes to carrying out repetitive 24/7 business tasks.

If you are a growing business owner and are constantly receiving messages on your Facebook messenger page, then hiring an employee would cost you considerably higher, and the work done can also have delays and errors.

While deploying a Facebook Messenger bot, you can save time and money while customer support is always active and driving conversations with your customers. These chatbots can be programmed to be smart and quick in responding to queries from customers.

They can also direct customers to the appropriate web pages and contact information such as email, phone number, and address.

The biggest benefit of getting Facebook Messenger chatbots is that they never sleep! They are always there to respond to your customers from any part of the world. You can consider Facebook messenger bots are like a 24/7 digital assistant for your business.

2. Bots on Facebook messenger help you make more sales:

Facebook Messenger chatbots increase sales
Your personalized Facebook Messenger bot can understand your customers and give them information on behalf of your business.

You don’t need to always be on your Facebook business page keeping your customers hooked to not lose out on sales.

You can make more sales without even being personally replying to any customer 24/7. All this is possible through Facebook messenger chatbots. These chatbots can be programmed to ask certain questions from customers once they tap into the messenger box of your business.

Through the answers to these questions, chatbots can learn what customers are looking for and provide them with the appropriate webpage, products, or services your business has to offer.

Chatbots will help convert sales for your business on auto-pilot.

3. Store customer information through Facebook messenger bots:

Store Customer Information
Facebook Messenger chatbots are able to carry conversations with your customers on auto-pilot all while storing valuable customer information.

Your personalized messenger chatbot can gather information from your customers and store their preferences. Then your chatbot will be able to send them customized offers and messages depending on the things they’re interested in.

The collected information is used to create a profile based on the user’s likes and dislikes. Then in the future, this information can be utilized by your chatbot to segment your audience and send specific offers or content to the customer over time.

This allows you to tailor directly to your customers & deliver them what they want, be sure that they’ll engage with your business as you know what you’re sending to them will be of value to them.

This builds a relationship of trust and loyalty between your business and your customers and the best thing about it is that your messenger chatbot does all the work, by collecting the right information on your customers and segmenting them, allowing you to tailor your content & offers much more strategically.

4. Keep your business visible using your Facebook messenger bot

Sometimes you don’t have the time to engage with your customers as you’re too busy and involved in other areas of your business.

This is where your messenger bot comes in handy. You’ll be able to get your messenger chatbot to send newsletter-style messages to your subscribers on Facebook.

These are called chat blasts. It’s important not to overdo it. But when done right, you can gain a lot of exposure for your events, sales, new products, and a lot more by simply messaging all that information straight to your customers.

These content blasts, when combined with customer segmentation, can benefit you even more. Sending desired content to people who are looking for it never goes wrong. And to make this content blast automation be more user friendly, you can allow them to choose when, where, and how they want to see them.

5. Educate your audience

Facebook Chatbot FAQ's
Give your customers personalized responses to your business’ FAQ’s

You can build a bot for your Facebook business profile and use it to educate your clients. The best way to make your customers purchase from your business is to build awareness of your brand.

Educating them about what your business is about can go a long way. The best way to do this is to customize the messages that are first sent when your customer begins a chat with your Facebook Messenger bot.

This will allow you to engage with the customer more and might end up sales for your business. You can even set up games that would include information about your business to help your customer learn more and more about what you are bringing to the table now or in the future.

You NEED your customer’s attention, and you will have to keep them hooked in ways that you think are best for your target audience.

Using a Facebook messenger bot automated that all for you so you can focus on other areas of your business, as your chatbot goes to work 24/7.

6. Maximize your reach using Facebook messenger:

Chatbots help in maximizing your business’s reach.

Facebook messenger, is one of the most popular apps in the world, with 1.3 billion monthly active users.

It is much more advanced for business processes like email marketing. With the available options of open rates and click-through rates, you can be in the spotlight to more and more consumers around the world. And unlike emails, you won’t be sectioned as spam or lost in hundreds of emails.

Through Facebook Messenger chatbots, you are on the surface and always grabbing attention through different marketing tactics.

A well-trained bot will do even more. It will attract consumers that you need and will help you in maximizing your reach to more people each day.

Messenger is a personal communication app that has a lot of attention from its users. You can stay in your consumer’s eyes and maximize your business’s reach on Facebook messenger. 

With some of these advantages, you may have a more clear idea of why it’s useful to deploy a Facebook messenger bot inside of your business.

There are tools out there to help you make your own Facebook messenger bots, like ManyChat, Chatfuel, and MobileMonkey. Or you can choose to get expert chatbot builders to build your business a chatbot on Facebook messenger. PlayChat is able to build a bot for your business and create intricate & personalized conversational flows that help drive engagement for your target audience.


PlayChat Facebook Messenger Chatbot Advertisement On Side Road
PlayChat builds personalized Facebook Messenger chatbots for your business.

Facebook messenger bots are the best way to stay in touch with your customers/clients. Now your Facebook business page doesn’t need a full-time customer care agent to monitor & reply to all the messages that come through.

You now have the best way to keep your customers updated, educated, and happy with user-friendly Facebook messenger chatbots. They are artificially intelligent and will save your business a tonne of time.

They are the most cost-effective alternative for hiring a whole team to deal with customer service issues and queries. You can get your messenger bot programmed to understand your user queries better and to help you stay on top of your customer service and stay afloat among a pool of businesses that operate online. 

Messenger chatbots can lead you to get more exposure and grow your sales, while everything that makes this happen is automated.

Now take a seat back and focus on the things that can’t be done with bots. Leave automated and repetitive tasks to your personalized messenger chatbot and let it represent your business as the best in customer service.

Keep your clients educated and aware of all the upcoming deals and products which will maximize your sales and will help you grow as a business. All your marketing techniques will play well if you have an active and loyal customer base.

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