Qualifying leads for one of Australia’s leading high-performance tuning and accessory specialist.

East Coast Customs


East Coast Customs is one of Australia’s leading and most respected modification workshops. Located on Brisbane’s north side. East Coast Customs’ highly qualified and experienced technicians offer a wide variety of services, ranging from a simple logbook service (both new and used cars) all the way through to full vehicle customization, suspension and lift kits, 4×4 accessories, and high-level race / competition ready performance packages.

In mid-2019 East Coast Customs worked with PlayChat To assist with generating their sales people an automated quotes system which would qualify their leads before they jumped on a phone call.

Pain Points

Inundated with Facebook messages with no way of qualifying leads.

Traditionally the East Coast Customs Facebook page would be inundated with messages with no particular structure and no way of qualifying serious customers from just people browsing around. This would result in a lot of wasted time for the sales & admin staff who were focusing their attention on unqualified leads, and having very little information about the potential customer before jumping on a phone call with them.

East Coast Customs wanted a way that anyone who was interested would simply click a link or scan a QR code and simply go through their Facebook messenger chatbot & then be asked a range of questions which will both qualify them as a customer and give more information to the sales team before they jumped on the call with the potential customer. This would save their business a lot of time & give their customers a way to have personalized conversational experience.


Building a user-friendly AI chatbot tailored for qualifying leads.

PlayChat worked with East Coast Customs to build a super intricate chatbot on their Facebook page to be able to qualify leads who messaged the Facebook business page. We accomplished this through a series of questions new customers would go through and answer. Questions that traditionally the sales team will try to ask over the phone such as, what the customer was looking for, how much their budget was, when they were looking to start. All of these answers were directly imported into their CRM where the sales team could follow up with the lead using the information they had gotten from the chatbot.

This process saved East Coast Customs time by being able to follow up with the leads who had provided the information required to show they were serious. Questions such as “on a scale of 1-10. How important is getting the highest quality of work done on your car?” were added in to further qualify the lead. If the lead was to pick a number below 7 they would be told that they weren’t a good fit for East Coast Customs and would be given an opportunity to change their answer to move forward with obtaining a quote.

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