How Does A Facebook Messenger Chatbot Improve Customer Service?

Customer Service With Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Before you look into building a Facebook messenger chatbot for your business you would want to know if it’s capable of improving customer service. So we’re going to explore exactly how chatbots improve customer service.

In a nutshell, a high quality chatbot can change how the companies communicate with their customers. Since chatbots are automatic, you won’t need to hire as much live chat support staff to proceed. Instead, you can rely on the bots to connect with your customers. 

So, here is how to make a bot relevant in boosting your customer service.

Highly responsive support

Slow customer support is the real deterrent for customers. 82% of consumers expect immediate response on sales or marketing questions. In many cases, most customers won’t bother to engage in the conversation and won’t return to your website or social media.

In such a competitive world, seamless communication and interaction are the key to engaging with your customers. Online conversations with a business is becoming more frequent, and conversations between customers and businesses is on set to increase.

As 67% of consumers who already message businesses, say they will message with businesses more over the next two years.

And 53% say they are more likely to shop with a business they can contact via a chat app. Businesses need to deploy an efficient strategy to capitalize on when customers are ready to buy their product or services. Or just want to get clarification on something which eventually leads to the consumer purchasing.

A messenger chatbot can be a great substitute to deploy for when you and your customer support team aren’t able to get back to messages. Even though you will still have human agents, a chatbot helps make their jobs so much more easier and efficient, and in most cases you won’t need to hire a customer support team. As with the help of a messenger chatbot, your company will have 24/7 support. 

A Facebook messenger chatbot is super beneficial to your business and your customers as they can talk to your company and ask any question at any time without leaving their Facebook account, and without having to wait on a human agent to get them the response they need.

Facebook messenger chatbots have 24/7 customer support.

While the human staff have shifts, your Facebook messenger chatbot does not have any off periods. It’s active 24/7 and once you’ve created a chatbot on your Facebook messenger platform, you will see how much time and money it really saves your business.

The chatbot does not need to sleep. So, you won’t have to worry if your customers are outside the country with the huge time differences.

Your business will have the support 24/7 for your customers. So if a customer is browsing your business after your open hours, you’ll still be able to engage with them, and create a conversation with them.

Quote through Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Send out automated questions, which allow you to capture the information you need from your customer before getting on the phone with them.

E.g. Your customer is looking through your business online at 11pm (after your open hours) and they want to request a quote. Your messenger chatbot is instantly able to collect and store the relevant information required in order to generate the quote for them instantly. It would ask for their email, phone number, budget, and any other questions you would normally ask a lead who wanted to get a quote from your business.

Customers may want to instantly book an appointment just by messaging your Facebook page. Your Facebook messenger chatbot is able to pick up on this and instantly book them into your business calendar and follow up with your customer before their appointment.

In many scenarios, customers are able to reach you in “rush hour”, so they need quick answers. The customer service staff are often unavailable. Here is where your Facebook messenger chatbot is able to take over and get back to customers instantly. With the chatbots, your customers will get the quick responses whenever they are trying to get answers.

Not to mention that customers don’t have to get in a queue to wait for other customers. There will be no voicemail or long-awaited email to their inbox. Your Facebook messenger chatbot will provide you customers with an immediate answer on behalf of your business.

The consistency with chatbot responses

As we know, customer support normally involves boring and repetitive tasks. Answering the same questions repeatedly, and having to get back to customers instantly, so you don’t lose the customers interest. Essentially your customer support team is working on your customers time. And need to be able to carry a conversation with a customer in a timely manner.

Now if it’s only 1 or 2 conversations that the customer support agent needs to deal with, then that’s manageable. But what happens when the messages start coming in at a faster pace, each customer having a different query?

This is where the workload will start to affect the customer support agent during business hours. As they are unable to get back to customers as instantly as they would’ve liked to.

A Facebook messenger chatbot is not a human customer support staff. When programmed correctly, a Facebook messenger chatbot is artificially intelligent and is able to engage in a conversation with your customers consistently.

But when it comes to making a Facebook messenger chatbot for your business, the functions can be different depending on your particular goals. 

If your customers happen to be asking the same questions over and over, your chatbot won’t mind answering them all. The bots will consistently respond with the appropriate measures.

But it’s important to keep in mind that your Facebook messenger chatbot is capable of doing so much more than just getting back to customers’ questions. Things that businesses utilize Facebook messenger chatbots include: Getting customers to book appointments, loyalty programs, having customers interact with the business by playing games, ordering through Facebook messenger and so much more. Whatever your business needs, it can be built through your custom made Facebook messenger chatbot.

Capitalizing on the Facebook messenger platform

When creating a Facebook messenger chatbot, you can present your bot to cater to your customers’ needs. You can also maximize the use of the chatbot by making it push sales for your products or services. Here are some examples when you can use your chatbot for this purpose. 

Your chatbot can send the product or service link when the customers ask specific questions like “what product is the best for me?”, “do you have a cheaper model?”, etc. 

Sort of questions will trigger your Facebook messenger chatbot to send the users the relevant link. 

Sometimes, your chatbot can proactively send the additional information, offers, special deals, and other content to your customers. 

Your Facebook messenger chatbot can also help your customers, by gathering information that can be useful for them. This includes information like product details, transactions, payment methods, shipment, warranties, and so on. This is information that can be all stored in Facebook messenger chat on your business page and also can be directly linked straight to your businesses CRM.

Showcase your reviews in a nice gallery through your Facebook Messenger chatbot. One of the many ways you can capitalize on your messenger bot.

Your Facebook messenger chatbot can even retrieve the abandoned shopping cart and remind your customers to finish their transactions. Believe it or not, people who are contacted by the company will feel special. As your business chatbot will be super personalized & user-friendly to your customers. And this user-friendly experience with your businesses Facebook messenger chatbot will give your customers the trust they need to do business with your company.

Simplifying communications using Facebook messenger chatbots

One of the biggest problems when approaching clients outside your region, is the means of communication. The same problem exists for your customers too. 

Your future customers might be out of your local area, state, or even outside the country. Without the chatbot, contacting your customer support will be a real challenge for them. 

There are various challenges that exist, from the different phone operators, weak signals, the distances, time differences, and so on. 

Believe it or not, statistics showed that 80% of respondents were happy to be in contact with a chatbot, because their needs were met. As mentioned, a Facebook messenger chatbot is purposely pinpointed for your business & your customers benefit. It can provide seamless communication with your customers at any time and anywhere.

Multi-talented Facebook messenger chatbots

Facebook messenger chatbots do not only replace the front-desk or customer support. In most modern chatbots, the functions can be broadened to technical support, administration, testing, sales information, human resources, and so on. These functions are unlockable depending on your purposes. 

You can even present your Facebook messenger chatbot in various conversational styles. From formal, to semi-formal, to even slang.

With such flexibility, you will be able to make your own persona which is suitable with your company image. Being stiff is the last thing you want when you interact with your customers. Your quality Facebook messenger chatbot can help you to solve this problem. 

At PlayChat, we develop custom built Facebook messenger chatbots which help your business automate repetitive and automated tasks. If you’re looking to get a super personalized and intricate chatbot to meet your businesses needs, feel free to contact us.

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