How Do Facebook Messenger Bots Work?

Facebook Messenger Bots

Basically, the way that Facebook Messenger bots work is a piece of automated messaging software that uses AI to converse with people. Did you know that a simple Facebook Messenger bot will replace basic customer support in the near future? 

Facebook Messenger bots have already started replacing mobile apps, customer support, email marketing, and many other processes businesses use to replace automated tasks. Facebook Messenger chatbots haven’t been utilized by all businesses yet. And the businesses that are taking advantage of Facebook Messenger chatbots currently have an effective messenger bot that helps their business improve productivity and drive down costs. Not to mention Facebook messenger bots are automating all of their processes 24/7.

Facebook Messenger bots automate tasks, that allow you to focus on more important areas of your business or just be able to sleep while they take care of your business processes on autopilot. 

Is that even possible?

Does this really work?

You can find the answer here after seeing how a Facebook messenger bot works.

How A Facebook Messenger Bot Works

So when we say Facebook messenger bot, we’re referring to an automated artificially intelligent chatbot which has conversations with your customers on your Facebook business page 24/7.

In a nutshell, the chatbot is an automatic messaging software which is aided by the AI (some versions come with machine learning) to represent your businesses customer support.

Chatbot developers program these Facebook messenger bots to help your business to comprehend questions, provide accurate answers, and execute tasks. It allows you to have a representative of your company 24/7.

It saves your business a lot of time and money knowing that you have a digital assistant who supports you around the clock, even when you are & your customer support team is not available.

For your customer, a Facebook messenger bot serves as the best possible customer agent, as they can get help from your businesses chatbot instantly. Rather than making phone calls, writing emails, or messaging your page with no response till the next day.

Your customers would rather talk to someone who is going to help solve their problem NOW! And the Facebook messenger bot does exactly that. 

So, how does the Facebook messenger bot work exactly?

What are the perks of having a Facebook messenger bot installed and running for your business?

Here Is How The Facebook Messenger Bot Works. 

Collecting Quality Leads 

Facebook messenger bots are usually the first thing your customers interact with. It is the first step in developing a relationship with your customers. Your Facebook messenger bot can ask your customers some progressive questions such as what they’re looking for, what your business offers, understand their budget or showcasing specific products/services to them.

Understanding your customer’s needs will allow your sales team to have pre-qualified leads when they follow up with the customer. Your Facebook messenger bot can work much more quickly than a human user. It can quickly bring leads to your sales team. So, you will only receive the leads which have the potential rather than some people who only pass around.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Collecting Leads On Auto Pilot
Facebook Messenger Chatbot In Action Collecting Leads On Auto Pilot (PlayChat)

The Facebook Messenger Bot Can Do The Selling Too 

When your Facebook messenger bot is being built, you could make the messenger bot your selling agent too. You can ask a series of questions which help turn prospects into clients, or consumers into customers.

Getting your chatbot developed in a way that you’re asking your prospects the type of questions your sales team would ask on the phone such as: “What sort of budget have you set aside for a job like this?” This way you’re already selling your customer through your Facebook messenger bot. And all on auto-pilot.

Your customers would love to have a conversation with your messenger chatbot, and you’ll be able to send all this information in an organized fashion straight to your CRM or an SMS/e-mail notification. Customers find it a lot easier to interact with your Facebook messenger bot as it is already within the Facebook platform.

That means the users won’t need to leave their favorite platform just to ask questions or inquiries. They would love to do it on the Facebook platform.

After all, a lot of people hate wasting their time checking external websites and going back to the Facebook platform, back-and-forth. It will only get your customers bored and their attention span will not cope with talking to your business through your website and then back on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger bots can help give your customers what they want instantly without them leaving the Facebook platform.

Different chatbots in action showing how they work
Different chatbots in the works (PlayChat)

Following Up With Customers 

Your Facebook messenger chatbot will be able to record important information from your customers such as name, email & phone number. But further than that it can store their answers to certain questions e.g. their budget.

The chatbot then has the ability to use this information later in the future. Your Facebook Messenger bot can reach out to the customers or audiences who have ever reached out to your business or visited your website.

They can also automatically send messages about updates, reminders, invitations, shipping notifications, etc. And this can all be set up to work on auto-pilot for your business.

Statistics showed that 80% of Facebook users find it more convenient to read their Facebook messenger inbox rather than their email. Obviously, it is important to note that this applies to people who are active on Facebook.

Facebook and Facebook messenger has become a part of everyday life for most people. It is really easy for people to find themselves communicating on Facebook messenger. And 80% of customers find it comfortable to communicate with a business on Facebook messenger.

Hence it’s very smart to jump onto the platform and make the most out of it.

Users would rather check their Facebook messages rather than opening their email. A Facebook messenger bot streamlines this process more effectively for your business. You don’t need to tag your audiences to invite them to visit your page. Your Facebook messenger bot will do this job instead.

Combining your Facebook messenger chatbot with Facebook ads will bring you such great engagement with your highly targeted clients. As Facebook organically will push your page, as your page has a “instant response time” this is all because your chatbot is responding to your customers instantly. Showing Facebook that your page is super active, giving it a lot of authority.

Customer Care Which Works Around The Clock For You.

No matter what sized business you’re running, you surely know how expensive it is to hire human customer care. Now with Facebook messenger bots you have a much cheaper alternative and is much more effective for your business.

Contrary to the popular belief, a Facebook messenger bot can represent your company as a 24/7 digital assistant. While some visitors might notice that they are talking with the bot, they won’t even care so much about it. Especially when it’s built to respond to your users instantly and is user-friendly & artificially intelligent.

The reason is simple. If you’re just like many other customers, you might hate to wait for a long time. A Facebook messenger bot is a quick and responsive communicator. Your customers won’t need to waste time and stop themselves from doing business with you due to them not being able to find answers to their questions fast enough.

Facebook messenger bots help your business automate tasks some of which include: logistic tracking, return policy cross-checking, online reservation, and more. A Facebook messenger chatbot can automate the process for your business and save you time and money.

lead qualification on auto pilot
Lead Qualification on Auto Pilot (PlayChat)

So Is A Facebook Messenger Bot Useful?

Each Facebook messenger bot can be as unique to the business it is developed for. A Facebook messenger chatbot can help you with the common inquiries and questions. Moreso, it can help you to save your business money and time. No matter what kind of business you are, you will always need great customer service for your customers.

This is paramount for your businesses success. If you want to start to take advantage of your Facebook messenger page and want an expert to build your business a Facebook messenger chatbot then reach out to PlayChat. To get the best messenger chatbot developed specifically for your business needs.

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