Facebook Messenger Chatbot VS Website Chatbot

Have you installed a Facebook messenger chatbot on your website? Or, do you use other website chatbots to serve your customers? Let’s discuss the advantage of a Facebook messenger chatbot over a website chatbot.

Surely, chatbots are a must in just about every website nowadays, it serves your business well in giving immediate attention to your potential customers.

A chatbot is like a digital assistant which could provide seemingly natural conversations with your customers. However, there would still be some limits on how much they can provide. Therefore, there is a limit to how much chatbots could affect customers’ desire to buy from your business.

Well, have you ever wondered if only there is a way to customize the chatbot’s response? Or if your chatbot is able to customize the conversation it has with the customer depending on their willingness to buy? This could drastically improve your conversation rate though conversations your chatbot has with your potential customer.

Well, to answer that. It is all possible. Thanks to the artificial intelligence some of these chatbots have. This is something prevalent in chatbots developed on Facebook messenger. Rather than the traditional chatbots, you might have experienced on websites.

You now have the ability to have your business’ chatbot developed through Facebook messenger and then integrated with your website. So you’re able to have an artificially intelligent chatbot on your website.

Using chatbots helps your potential customers get more information about your products, services, and availability.

Even after providing essential information, the chatbots could help make reservations and bookings, at the end of the conversation, you could also integrate a review system through Facebook messenger which allows your business to filter out bad reviews before they go straight to Facebook or Google.

A lot of these features have been implemented for many businesses that are using Facebook messenger bots to interact with their customers. When your business utilizes Facebook Messenger chatbots you could increase your engagement rate by more than 80%.

Whether customers are interacting with your bot on Facebook messenger or through your website. This is a far more effective marketing tool to use instead of email marketing.

The increase in engagement is predominantly due to users interacting with your messenger chatbot on Facebook and getting instant responses.

This will allow users to drive conversations with your Facebook page and you’ll be able to take advantage of this much more rather than using email marketing to try and drive conversational experiences with your customers.

Communication is super important as it would strengthen your relationship with customers. And build a lot of trust between your business and your customers. It is not about how big your business is, instead, how you maintain your relationship with your clients.  

How Are Chatbots Becoming So Important Nowadays? 

1. Allowing your business to be available 24/7.

Facebook messenger chatbots
Users are able to have a conversation with your business 24/7. All handled by your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

What is the most important factor for a successful business, in e-commerce or brick and mortar?

Customer service and taking care of their customers/clients who generate them the revenue to grow. So, you will need to be available to answer customer’s questions immediately. No matter what kind of business you’re running, you need to be available.

Meaning you are able to answer most of their questions immediately and this will increase their probability to purchase your products or services.

While customer service human agents could occasionally keep your customers on hold, chatbots will provide almost immediate answers anytime. They don’t need to rest and have the ability to carry many conversations at once.

Chatbots like Facebook Messenger chatbots even answer their questions simultaneously. You would still need the actual staff to handle the customers. However, a chatbot could help handle your other customers all at once.

This makes chatbots vitally important as we move forward in business and realize the time & money saved when they are utilized correctly.

2. The Ability To Create Gamification

Gamification on Facebook messenger

Common misconceptions about messenger chatbots are that they’re just there to automatically respond to your customers on your business’s behalf. But messenger chatbots can be used to do so much more, at PlayChat we’ve created gamification through Facebook messenger chatbots.

We have been able to build businesses engaging games all through the business’ Facebook messenger chatbot.

This got customers engaging with the Facebook page and playing a game through Facebook messenger, This was not all only, 100% operated inside of Facebook messenger, but a huge advantage to this is that your business’ game is available to everyone on Facebook messenger.

So 1.5 billion people have downloaded the Facebook messenger app and are actively on the app. So nobody will be required to download an app.

This will all be available through your Facebook chatbot. Another huge advantage of gamification through Facebook messenger is that when users interact with your Facebook Messenger chatbot. Your Facebook page gets organic likes and grows organically as Facebook sees a lot of people engaging with it.

Now there’s no real better way to leverage your Facebook messenger chatbot than getting users to play a game on your Facebook messenger chatbot. This in turn helps grow your Facebook page.

This serves the purpose that messenger chatbots can be used for far more intricate projects than just a 24/7 digital assistant.

3. Ability To Build A Loyal Subscriber Base.

Facebook messenger bots loyalty program
Design digital loyalty programs all inside of the Facebook messenger app.

Every time a customer messages your Facebook page and interacts with your Facebook chatbot. They instantly become a subscriber, who your business is able to reach out to in future. Now the possibilities with this are endless.

You could have your Facebook Messenger chatbot give them offers for limited coupons, events, and anything you want your customers to know.

Just like that, you have the ability to drastically increase your business’ digital marketing efforts and you can advertise to your customers through Facebook messenger.

The great thing about this is that unlike email marketing.

The open rates with Facebook messenger are far stronger and you can get a lot more conversions for any marketing campaign your business runs, as opposed to using email marketing.

4. Facebook Messenger Chatbot vs Apps.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are far more inexpensive to develop. They can be used and accessed instantly by your audience.

This means they don’t need to go through another step and download an external app to be able to communicate with your business and get notifications from your business.

You’re able to instantly reach out to 1.5 billion Facebook messenger monthly active users and not hassle anyone about downloading a separate app, which continually needs to be updated.

We have developed 100% digital loyalty/rewards programs through Facebook messenger chatbots, which give your customers points for every time they visit your business and rewards them with points for every customer they refer to your business.

This is all done inside of Facebook messenger and your customers get rewarded for getting your business’ loyalty program to go viral. This is not possible with an app.

As there will always be that barrier of customers needing to download a separate app to join whatever loyalty program your business has.

You will be able to send out custom notifications to your customers through Facebook messenger. Whereas many customers turn off notifications for apps they’ve downloaded.

This makes it really irritating for businesses as they have spent money developing an app & marketing it, but are unable to communicate with their customers with the app.

So What Are The Advantages Of Facebook Messenger Chatbots Over Website Chatbots?

Advantages of Facebook messenger chatbots
Facebook messenger chatbots are built to be super personalized and give your customers a user-friendly & seamless experience.

A regular chatbot on a website doesn’t have that user-friendly touch to it, which is one of the factors which could affect the conversational experience your customer is having with the chatbot on your website. E.g. The chatbot doesn’t greet the customer by their name.

Also, the data gathered with traditional chatbots aren’t as easy for the business to use, you are unable to follow back up with that customer, as you don’t know who they are.

And conversations through the website chatbot are very generic, as the chatbot has no AI built in it, it will not be able to pick up on key phrases the customer is saying and provide them with the necessary details to help the customer.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot is far more effective as it can be developed to be far more user friendly. You can see the user you are speaking with as their profile, email and phone number all show-up and are connected to their Facebook profile.

This makes talking to the customer so much easier and gives your chatbot a user-friendly touch when you’re able to automatically use the customer’s name when responding back to them or, referring to their email & phone number in the conversation.

You will have the ability to follow up with them after the conversation ends with the chatbot, as you have them in your Facebook business page inbox & you can see who they are and what the conversation they had with your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

And Facebook Messenger chatbots have AI built into them. So you’re able to have conversations with customers depending on what they want. Without having to give your customers generic options.

This gives your chatbot a lot more flexibility and makes conversational experiences natural so that customers don’t necessarily feel like they’re talking to a robot.

A huge bonus with Facebook Messenger chatbots is that they can be installed on your business’ website. Where you’re able to reach users who visit your website and get them to message your Facebook messenger chatbot. Even if they DON’T have a Facebook account.

What Would You Do Next?

Knowing all the facts above, would you still doubt building a Facebook messenger chatbot for your business?

By getting PlayChat to build your business custom made Facebook messenger chatbot could save you a lot of effort and resources of hiring employees, to take on automated tasks your Facebook messenger chatbot can do instead.

You could redirect your customers from a complex form into a simpler, conversational-like transaction.

More than just a tool, you could adjust the chatbot according to your need so that it could serve more people with different needs. And you could use it for market research.

Forget about putting a budget aside for market & customer research, you could use your Facebook Messenger chatbot to test various marketing messages.

Consider having your own Facebook Messenger chatbot in your business now, and see how it helps you improve almost immediately! 

Let PlayChat Build You A Chatbot To Meet Your Business Goals